Yoga Classes

Physioyogi Yoga classes are infused with physiotherapy tips, principals and anatomical terms, and are taught by an experienced physiotherapist, Shirley Kushner, who is a certified yoga instructor. She has found that her patients can benefit from yoga, whatever their injury or fitness level. Classes are taught on zoom in French, English or bilingually depending on the student’s requests.

Physioyogi Regular (Mat) Yoga Classes

This is a regular yoga mat class sprinkled with physiotherapy and modified for individual injuries, conditions and ages.

Physioyogi Chair Yoga Classes

This is an effective workout for those wanting a little more support, just new to yoga, intimidated by yoga, or those coming off an injury who want a gentle return to movement. The class starts in a chair and the second part of the class uses the chair as a “barre” for gentle muscle strengthening, stretching and balance work in standing with support. Yoga positions are adapted for the class. This class may just be enough for you, or will prepare you for future yoga mat work.

Stretch Strengthen and Balance Classes

This class will help you stay fit and healthy as you age. Learn how to improve your muscle strength, flexibility and balance. These are important for your cardiovascular fitness, which you can also enhance by doing activities like brisk walking, jogging, swimming or cycling.

You will need some simple equipment for this class, such as light weights, exercise elastics, and a yoga or exercise mat. You will also need to be near a wall, counter or shelf for support when you do the balance exercises, which are designed for beginners and people who want to get back into shape.

This class is online, so you can join from your home. It is a gentle and fun way to start or resume your fitness journey.