Neck Care

Avoid cradling the phone receiver between the ear and shoulder, rather use an earpiece, a headset or a speaker phone if you are also using your hands

Avoid carrying a briefcase or purse that is too heavy

Carry your knapsack using the straps on both shoulders, not just one

Do not sleep on your stomach, rather on your back or your side

Always use a supportive pillow which will fill the hollow of the neck and is neither too high nor too flat, and avoid using no or too many pillows

A specialized neck or cervical pillow may be the best for you

When the neck is sore, do not do overhead weight strengthening of the shoulders, or resisted neck exercises

Resisted neck exercises should be gentle with minimal or mild force in most cases

Avoid sleeping while sitting up as this will strain the neck muscles

When travelling on a long flight, consider a specialized travel pillow