Physio magicienne qui m’a chaque fois « réparé » le dos tout en s’assurant de me proposer les meilleurs exercices pour faire durer la réparation! Ses résultats avec les aiguilles sèches sont tout à fait remarquables.

— Paule B.


Shirley’s yoga classes are excellent for older yoga practitioners, particularly those of us who are dealing with injuries or arthritis. She brings to her classes her vast experience as a physiotherapist. She sequences our poses so that we are warm by the time we get to the more challenging ones and she explains how to modify them if we have specific injuries, for example to our knees or shoulders.She corrects us so our movements are safe. She is an enthusiastic teacher, varying her classes every week so there is something new, challenging, and fun. I’m really looking forward to taking my second year of yoga with her……

— Meg Y.


Je suis aux prises avec des problèmes de tendinite liés à mon travail depuis de nombreuses années. Pour apaiser le mal et me permettre de poursuivre ma vie professionnelle, je peux compter sur les bons soins de Shirley Kushner, une physiothérapeute exceptionnelle qui a recours à diverses techniques, dont les aiguilles sèches, dans le cadre de ses traitements des plus efficaces. Je ne peux que la recommander à quiconque ayant des problèmes musculo-squelettiques.

— Michel P.


Après une dizaine d’année de pause de yoga et plusieurs blessures, j’ai eu l’opportunité de recommencer en toute sécurité avec Shirley. Le cours est adapté à la condition physique de chacun(e) et permet de reprendre la pratique en douceur. J’apprécie le respect du rythme de chaque participant et les bienfaits de la pratique.

— Virginie D.


Après m’être cassé la jambe en 2019, j’ai été référée par une amie à Shirley Kushner pour entreprendre des séances de physiothérapie. Je suis arrivée à son cabinet en béquilles et avec l’impression que je ne serais plus jamais capable de marcher normalement et j’avais peur d’essayer de faire mes premiers pas. Shirley m’a guidée avec attention et intelligence à travers la grande aventure qu’est la réadaptation. Elle m’a aidée à reprendre confiance en ma capacité de marcher, augmentant le défi à chaque séance, passant de deux béquilles à une béquille, ensuite à la canne et enfin à aucun support. Après deux mois je marchais comme avant, avec confiance et souplesse. La grande expérience, le savoir-faire et le support psychologique de Shirley m’ont remise sur deux pattes. Merci Shirley pour ce miracle!

— Natalie C.

Une luxation au code droit m’a forcée à un congé du travail et une pause de certaines activités physiques. Les conseils de Shirley, les traitements ainsi que les exercices suggérés m’ont permis de récupérer au-delà des prédictions de mon orthopédiste. Selon lui, ma réhabilitation a été un franc succès et allait lui permettre ‘encourager ses patients en ayant vu ce qui est possible avec un suivi régulier en physiothérapie et la discipline de faire les exercices. Je suis certaine que je ne serais pas arrivée à ce résultat sans l’encadrement de Shirley.

— Virginie D.


I had the pleasure of meeting Shirley during the COVID-19. While being socially isolated, I had a flare up with my 3 pre-herniated disks and I was unable to walk, sit or stand for more than a few minutes at a time. I was in so much immense pain that I even needed a a cane to help me walk and I was bedridden for almost three weeks.

Finally, I found Shirley. I really wanted to see a physio with a lot of experience and who also knew how to dry needle and Shirley definitely fit the bill. She is very attentive, thoughtful and she knows her stuff. She blew me away with her knowledge and how she was really hands on while treating me. She doesn’t just massage you with two fingers like I’ve experienced with other physios. She worked my legs and my back and her dry needling was remarkable. It only took a few sessions to completely heal my back. I now know where to go when it acts up again. I would wholeheartedly recommend Shirley Kushner in a heartbeat. You won’t be sorry.

— Robert L.


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Shirley Kushner who has been my physiotherapist and a yoga instructor for her outstanding care over the past many, many months. Shirley is an immensely experienced, knowledgeable and creative physiotherapist.

Over the past several years, I have benefitted greatly from a combination of manual therapy, dry needling technique, and tailored corrective exercises that she used to address back pain/spasms, and Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJ). In her capacity as a yoga instructor, Shirley is as intuitive and warm in addressing the current needs of her students, as she is professional, and proficient in the delivery of a well-thought-out weekly yoga programme. Her emphasis on small class sizes, as well as a combination of balance, postural and strengthening poses make Physio Yogi especially appealing and highly desirable.

— Joanna R.

Physio + Yoga

I was referred to Ms Kushner by an orthodontist specializing in jaw pain. He told me he had tried 12 physios and found Shirley Kushner to be the best one to see. I was skeptical, because in the past, I had tried several physios for an assortment of injuries and never really saw much improvement. However, after only 4 sessions with Ms Kushner I am thrilled to report that I have made a 90% recovery. I had been in severe pain due to jaw issues and could barely open my mouth. Ms Kushner used a combination of dry needling, manual therapy, postural correction, etc. Her gentle manner and expertise helped me immensely.

This probably sounds like a paid review or something a relative would write. I am taking the time to write this review because I am so grateful to feel better thanks to her.

— Arlene Y.


A surgeon told a bicyclist who had had a serious accident that it would be x-months before he could be back on his bicycle. He told the surgeon, “No” he had to be back on the bicycle within so many weeks, and the surgeon replied ,”Then see Shirley.”

Shirley Kushner got him back on the bicycle within weeks.

When he saw me suffering with knee pain and continuing to use a cane, he asked if I was happy with my physiotherapy. I said “No, the physiotherapists say they can only get me back to 80% and I am still in pain”, so he suggested I see Shirley.

Shirley Kushner treated my knees, and with exercises, I have been able to walk cane-free and pain-free for years.

I have arthritis and easily have flare-ups in various spots. With Shirley’s weekly safe and adapted Physioyogi classes I am now able to do flexibility, balance and strength exercises which I never would have dreamed of doing only one year ago.

— Elizabeth S.

Physio + Yoga

The victim of a car accident and subsequent vicious attack of C-Difficile, I lay in bed feeling my strength trickle away daily. The hospital physiotherapist had given up on me as I was unable to move any part of my body more than what was necessary to get washed or use the bedpan. My friends encouraged me to find a private physio but the hospital proved reluctant, allowing private physios to come in only during hours that the hospital staff were not working, i.e. evenings and weekends. How to find someone who would come in at those hours? In desperation, I phoned the Québec Order of Physiotherapists and was given three names and phone numbers. I rang them all but only one got in touch with me: Shirley Kushner. She heard my weak plea for physiotherapy and the hospital restrictions and she said she would think about it. She did. And to my amazement she agreed. What a find! She bounced into my room, rolled her sleeves up and the fun began. She devised exercises for every part of my body, adding little twists and curlicues to them every week to prevent them from becoming boring. She would not let visitors deter me in my exercises but had them join in to keep me in motion. Eventually she had me stand – in April, after 5 months of being bedridden – and one week later told me that the following Sunday, we’d walk. Oh yeah? Well, on the said day, she charged in with a walker she had snatched on her way in and said: ‘Put your shoes on, we are going to walk to the door.’ But I was so thrilled to reach the doorway that I decided to continue to the end of the corridor and, as Shirley’s luck was with me, the orthopedist saw us! Surprised, he took a video of this unexpected sight, showed it to his director and in 10 days time I was out of the hospital and in rehab! But for Shirley, I would have been shipped off in a wheelchair to a convalescent home for the rest of my life. As it is, after terrific physio- and occupational therapy at St. Bruno Rehabilitation Centre, I am home, functioning, getting around and catching up on life. I owe all this to that very special person who gave me not only physiotherapy but hope and self-confidence. She believed in me and convinced me that I could do it. I can never thank her enough.

— Lesley K-R.